Construction and Maintenance of your Cool Room

The majority of air conditioning projects have one aim: to keep clients comfortable. When it comes to cool rooms and chillers, it becomes less subjective and much more precise – a few degrees too low or too high could be the difference between losing a room full of stock and being open for business.
Needless to say, choosing an expert like LP Airconditioning for the construction and maintenance of your cool room, freezer room or chiller is imperative. With experience in commercial and residential projects, and a team of service of professionals ,why would you choose anyone else when it comes to preserving your livelihood?

LP stock’s quality well-known brands like Ebmpapst, Carel and Bondor.
All of our units are backed by warranty and come with excellent after sales service.

We Install & Service Australian Made Enthalpy Running Gear!

Whatever you want to drive, ventilate, cool or air-condition, you are sure to find the right solution among our range of approximately 20,000 different products

Over the years, CAREL has designed systems and applications for vertical market niches with very specific needs requiring highly tailored solutions

Bondor® is Australia’s leader in complete thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels.

Have you got a function, wedding or big event coming up?

Keep your drinks cold and your ice frozen with our quick, easy and affordable mobile cool room hire.
Prices starting from just $140.00 per night, 2 nights min hire.
Relax knowing we’ve got your next big event covered!

LP stocks quality well-known brands like Hoshizaki and Skope.

All of our units are backed by warranty and come with excellent after sales service.

Hoshizaki is the world’s leading brand in ice makers with a reputation for creating the world’s best ice. Hoshizaki expertise also covers refrigerators, freezers

SKOPE Refrigeration are specialists in the design, manufacture & importation of premium commercial refrigeration